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Learning Challenges

Historically, learning difficulties have long been misdiagnosed or misunderstood. Students and professionals alike are told they just need to work harder. This condition does not reflect a lack of effort. It does, however, directly speak to the way they like to perceive and process information. Traditional methodologies attempt to help a person compensate for or work around their learning challenges. With Neurofeedback, however, we have the ability to correct one of the largest underlying factors often associated with learning disorders - brainwave imbalance.

A learning challenge often manifests
as a strong difficulty with reading, writing, and math. 
Memory and issues with social development may also be present.

Do Brain Waves Affect Learning?

The brain communicates at very rapid speeds. If the timing of these signals is not correct or is even just a little off  the ability to process new information is reduced. Research shows that when this brainwave timing is optimized utilizing Neurofeedback, learning difficulties lessen or abate altogether.

Improve Your Ability to Learn.

Your ability to grow and learn is not set in stone. BrainCore neurofeedback has the ability to positively impact your ability to focus on and understand new information.

Improve Brainwave Synchronization.

As time goes on, each training session instructs the brain to build healthier patterns. ​Once established, healthy brainwave patterns can be self-sustaining. This process consistently improves connectivity and timing in the brain, producing long-term results.


BrainCore of Birmingham Can Help

Using state of the art technology, our BrainCore's Neurofeedback therapy specialists are able to map an individual's brain and determine where the imbalance exists. From there we can chart a course toward balance, recovery, and optimum health. 

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